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Rose Quartz

Warding off negative energy and returning our being to a place of pure love and balance. By warding off negative energy, you are allowing the ebs and flows of abudance of universal love and infinte peace. 


Rose Quartz was photographed using a LensBaby Velvet Lens, which is a manual art lens with a grainy, soft focus finish. This is part of the creative finish. 





All Prints will be Printed on either Canson Rag Photographique 310

Rag Photographique offers a unique extra smooth surface with a sensual feel. It also provides one of the highest achievable Dmax currently available on the market, making it ideal for fine art photography as well as fine art printmaking.  100% cotton or 


Ilford Textured Cotton Rag 310

Textured Cotton Rag features a contoured surface for enhanced creative expression.


I have two types of Paper I like to use, one with texture and one with smooth, depending on the Image and the overall look. Please write in the comments when purchasing if you have a preference. 

Rose Quartz

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